MHFA Skilled Workplace Accreditation

Why not have your commitment to supporting the mental health of your staff recognised officially?

Mental Health First Aid International formally recognises those workplaces that embrace MHFA training and make a commitment to supporting the  mental health of their staff.

If you provide MHFA training to your staff and are able to adopt several strategies in your workplace that are designed to promote the mental health of your staff why not be recognised for that?  

Some of these strategies include talking about MHFA with new staff during induction, having posters in your office promoting MHFA in your workplace or creating a program to support MHFA officers.

MHTA is able to support you in seeking accreditation as a  Workplace Skilled in MHFA.

Let us help you achieve this recognition by:

Let us help you be recognised for your commitment to MHFA!


Mental Health Training Australia deliver face-to-face courses for organisations and businesses across Australia, where we use your training or meeting room to deliver the course.