This 60 to 90 minute program explores beliefs about suicide and suicide awareness. It is intended for all members of a community ages 15 and up. Organised around the question, “Should we talk about suicide?” it provides a structure in which session members can safely explore some of the most challenging attitudinal issues about suicide, and encourages every member to find a part that they can play in preventing suicide.

SuicideTALK is a community-oriented program exploring issues in suicide prevention. Deaths and injuries due to suicide can be reduced. Ways to reduce them are known but have never been attempted on a sufficient scale to demonstrate effectiveness.

The allocation of funds for suicide prevention and research is a relatively recent development. The amount of funding lags far behind that for other preventable injuries and deaths.

Communities are unaware that suicide is a serious community health problem. SuicideTALK is designed to help make our communities aware that something can be done to prevent suicide.

Invest in a suicide-safer community! Help increase your community’s awareness of suicide as a serious community health problem. Help your community translate its desire to prevent suicide into specific suicide preventing activities.

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