About MHTA

Our goal at Mental Health Training Australia (MHTA) is to become the premier mental health training organisation in Australia by providing the most professional, accurate and understandable information, delivered to clients efficiently in person.

We are training professionals dedicated to educating people about mental health issues, mental illness and how to cope more effectively in today’s busy world. Trainers who prepare and deliver training at MHTA have extensive experience working in mental health and all those who deliver our programs have been accredited.

Our range of mental health programs are designed to help make your workplace function more effectively. Whether you are in a Human Resources role or you manage the Workplace Health and Safety function in your organisation, or you are a manager and leader of people in your workplace, allow us to support the mental health of your staff.

We deliver our programs anywhere in Australia, in your training or meeting room. Contact us today for more information.

Our Trainers

Gerald Haslinger, Mental Health Training Australia

Gerald Haslinger

Gerald is a mental health training specialist and psychologist who has worked widely within the community, health and corporate sectors for over ten years. Accredited to delivery all MHTA programs, he is a gifted presenter and educator, able to create a training environment where participants feel at ease and able to participate fully.

Sara Haslinger, Mental Health Training Australia

Sara Haslinger

Sara has been working with organisations, government agencies and community groups since 1999 and has passion for cultural and systemic behaviour change to support the mental health and wellbeing of individuals and groups. She has worked on suicide prevention, mental health awareness, and organisational development.

Mental Health Training Australia deliver face-to-face courses for organisations and businesses across Australia, where we use your training or meeting room to deliver the course.