Resilience Now

Resilience is a much talked about topic – for good reason! Whether we can and how we bounce back when life sends us some inevitable challenges, plays a large role in maintaining our mental health.

Participants who attend this 2 hour program will leave with new knowledge and practical skills to improve their level of resilience. These skills will assist in many areas of life including how we handle challenges at work, home, with friends, family and colleagues.

We spend some time assessing our current level of resilience and then build on that level with a variety of psychological exercises including: exploring the skills and abilities of those we believe to be resilient, introducing concepts such as gratitude, giving to others, mindfulness, planning for the future and improving the quality of questions we ask ourselves.

Each participant leaves this program with their own personal Resilience Plan to assist in their continued growth in this area.

Mental Health Training Australia deliver face-to-face courses for organisations and businesses across Australia, where we use your training or meeting room to deliver the course.