Mental Health Awareness Program

This 3-6 hour program provides participants with the knowledge necessary to identify when someone may be experiencing the most common mental illnesses and the skills to begin a conversation with that person.

This program can be tailored to the individual needs of your organisation and has been delivered to staff at all levels within organisations.

Topics covered will include:

  • Alert! – how do we recognise when someone might be experiencing a decline in their mental health
  • Discussion starters – how do we start a conversation about mental health
  • Performance or Illness – difference between non-performance due to ability/skills and when mental illness plays a part, what is the difference?
  • How am I doing? Introduce the concept of self-evaluation, how am I traveling in terms of my mental health?
  • Building resilience – how can we bounce back when we experience obstacles, setbacks and bad news
  • Wellness Champion!! – consider whether participants are willing to be Wellness Champions or Mental Health First Aiders & what that means.
In several organisations that have run this program for their staff, those that wish to take a leading role in terms of reducing stigma associated with mental illness have often gone on to complete MHFA afterwards.

Mental Health Training Australia deliver face-to-face courses for organisations and businesses across Australia, where we use your training or meeting room to deliver the course.